Thursday, October 20, 2011

20 Eyes

Today's selection features another king of country western troubadours, this one a forefather of the breed, Porter Wagoner. While he is known for his classic country sound, his sparkly Nudie suits, and for introducing the world to Dolly Parton, he also wrote one of the spookiest country songs ever recorded, "The Rubber Room." Wagoner always put forth an affable persona both on his classic TV show The Porter Wagoner Show and in his live shows, but he was no stranger to twisted compositions, and many of them can be found on an album called The Haunting Poetic Songs of Porter Wagoner

"The Rubber Room" seems the most weird, though, maybe because of the heavy dose of reverb applied to Wagoner's voice when he says "the rubber room." And maybe also because he knew what he was talking about - Johnny Cash did write "Committed to Parkview" for him, after all.  

I hear footsteps pounding on the floor, God I hope they don't stop at my door...

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