Monday, October 10, 2011


A whole week of October has shot by blindingly fast, which means there are only three weeks left until Halloween. Have you completed your shopping? Don't wait until the last minute because all of the good candy will be gone! If I come to your house trick or treating and you give me a sleeve of Smarties, expect to be tricked. 

Zombie weekend has also come to a close and luckily I made it out with my brains intact. Those guys chewed and chewed at the front door, but finally I outsmarted them with a technique involving frozen peas that I learned from a video game.  Always good to know The Jolly Green Giant has my back, but now what am I supposed to do about the rotting zombies in my front yard? They don't just disappear like they do in the game. Drop a line if you know of a reputable zombie removal service.

Since one theme weekend has come and gone, however, it's time to start thinking about the next one. Today's song selection is a tasty appetizer for what you'll hear a whole lot more about on Friday - horror movie hosts and hostesses! These ghouls came on the scene in the mid-50s and hosted low-grade horror films broadcast on television. A couple became nationally known, but most were only known in their local viewing areas.  

First up is one of the earliest horror hosts, and one of the most famous: Zacherley, also known as "The Cool Ghoul."  He just turned 93 last month and is still scaring strong! In today's song he is backed by Southern Culture on the Skids, the band chosen for yesterday's zombie theme song. Here they team up for a most unlikely cover of Creedance Clearwater Revival's "Sinister Purpose." Thanks to Zacherley and SCOTS, you may never hear this song in the same way again!  

Also of note, this is the first song I've played from the excellent 1998 compilation Halloween Hootenanny, released on Rob Zombie's Zombie A-Go-Go record label. It definitely won't be the last. If you like scary music and you don't own this album, rectify that situation instantly! But while doing so, check out the vocal stylings of the coolest ghoul you'll meet in this lifetime:


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