Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This one goes to 11.

Even though today's selection goes to 11, be careful of how loudly you play it lest you attract the largest insect on earth to wherever you may be. Yes, today's song is Mothra's theme and, in the movies at least, is used by two tiny Japanese ladies to summon their benevolent protector. We're lucky that Mothra is so kind, because she has been known to kick Godzilla's butt on several occasions. And when Godzilla does best her, Mothra's larvae simply hatch out and finish the job their mama started.

The Mothra song is sung by the "shobijin," or "small beauties," who communicate telepathically with Mothra and speak for her. They were originally played by a vocal group called The Peanuts, who were twin sisters from Nagoya. The lyrics to the Mothra song, much like Mothra herself, are quite beautiful:

Mothra O Mothra
If we were to call for help
Over time
Over sea
Like a wave you'd come
Our guardian angel

Mothra O Mothra
Of forgotten kindness
And ruined spirits
We pray for the people's
Spirit as we sing
This song of love

So enjoy the following song, but be responsible and keep it at a reasonble volume. Mothra's got enough to deal with without answering false alarms.

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