Sunday, October 30, 2011

T-minus 1

Only one day left until Halloween, so are you ready to boogie? You'd better be because your boogiemen (and woman) are here! Today's shock rock selection comes from the band who took all of what Alice Cooper and The Misfits taught about blending horror and rock in the 70s and 80s and made it their own in the 90s - White Zombie

White Zombie formed in the late 80s in New York City, when lead singer Rob Zombie and bassist Sean Yseult were students at Parsons School of Design. While the band started out as a noise rock group, they developed a much more metal/industrial sound in the early 90s, which was fully developed by the time they released their 1992 major label debut, La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1

Their live shows continued to get more and more over-the-top as they became more successful, eventually incorporating explosions, horror movie clips, and plenty of scary props. They broke up in 1998, but Rob Zombie went on to a successful career as a solo artist and horror film director, and the group's other founding member, Sean Yseult, went on to found the band Famous Monsters. She now plays in the bands Rock City Morgue and Star and Dagger and is also a successful fashion designer and visual artist.  

White Zombie recorded plenty of scary songs (which one of their songs couldn't be included on this blog?), but today's selection happens to be a cover of KC and the Sunshine Band's "I'm Your Boogieman."  Who knew those guys could be spooky?  White Zombie originally recorded the song for The Crow soundtrack, but it went on to not only become one of their most well-loved songs (and one of their most danceable), but also to garner them a Grammy nomination. 

The video for this is classic White Zombie - funny and scary, all at once.  And be sure to check out Jim Carrey as the fabulous Dr. Spooky. He makes a great mad scientist!

Ever wondered where White Zombie's name came from?  Take a look at this trailer from the 1932 Bela Lugosi film, White Zombie.

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