Thursday, October 6, 2011


Since yesterday was AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson's birthday (and I didn't realize it until after I had already published my post), today's selection will honor his gravelly-throated contributions to scary music. While the number of AC/DC songs that could qualify as Halloween-worthy are too numerous to narrow it down to one ("Hell's Bells," "Highway to Hell," "Dirty Deeds..." -- who can make that kind of decision?), I'm going to go a little left field and choose "Thunder Busters" - a mash-up of "Thunderstruck" and the Ghostbusters theme. 

I first heard this last October and totally fell in love with it. The synths from the Ghostbusters theme add something to the AC/DC song that I didn't realize it was missing. While both of those songs are still good on their own, together they create a powerful thunder bustin' force. I'm with Ray Parker, Jr. on this one, now more than ever - bustin'  makes me feel good!

Enjoy, and happy birthday Brian Johnson!

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