Thursday, October 4, 2012

10/4, Good Buddy

Since today is 10/4 Good Buddy day, we're going to honor all those men and women who transport our goods, help keep our 24-hour interstate diners in business, and inspire classic songs about great big convoys and girls wearing nothing but a smile and a towel on the billboard near the big ol' highway.  

There is no shortage of eerie events that happen out there in the middle of the night on desolate stretches of road, and no denying that spending days and weeks alone in a big rig can make one a bit loopy, so it's no surprise that several trucker songs incorporate more than a little spookiness.  Today's song is no exception and comes from the self-proclaimed "Scariest Band in the World," Deadbolt.

Formed in California in 1988, the band often features two bass guitars to create a sinister rumble called "The Wall of Thunder." Their singer, Harley Davidson, sounds like a cross between Lurch and Joe Friday.  As you can see, they also sometimes use power tools on their instruments during sets and shower the audience with hot metal sparks. 

Today's song is an unholy little ditty called "Voodoo Trucker," complete with CB radio interference.  Look out because he makes you a zombie and then steals your soul!   Carnies and hoboes call out his name!  Voodoo Trucker!!!