Saturday, October 27, 2012

T-minus 4

Continuing our trip through the land of haunted bayous, today we're taking a ride a ride a ride a ride a ride with Southern Culture on the Skids in their Voodoo Cadillac! 

Southern Culture on the Skids appeared on this blog a couple of times last year, and have obviously made a number of creeptastic contributions to Halloween music.  In fact, in addition to their recently re-released album Zombified, which consists entirely of songs of a spooky nature, their first album from 1985 was called Voodoo Beach Party.  Although many of their songs hold true to the southern influences that the band's name suggests (such as the joys of fried chicken, banana pudding, and high, high hair), they also draw heavily from the look and sound of old horror films.

"Voodoo Cadillac" is the first track off their most commercially successful album, 1995's Dirt Track Date, and has the bluesy, little-bit-dangerous sound one might expect from a song about a trip to New Orleans in a possessed muscle car.  Let's ride!

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