Monday, October 29, 2012

T-minus 2

Seen any good horror movies this month?  Today's song asks all those pesky questions that we're not supposed to ask during horror movies, like why do lovers always park down deserted lanes near haunted houses and homes for the insane? 

"The Axe Murderer Song" comes from Camper Van Beethoven's 1993 album Camper Vantiquities, which compiled several of the band's B-sides and rarities.  Formed in California in the early 80s, the band became a college radio staple before disbanding in 1990.  Members then went on to play in several other influential 90s bands, such as Cracker and Counting Crows, but in 1999 Camper Van Beethoven reunited and have been releasing new work, touring, and asking the hard questions (like why do axe murderers only attack when you're partially nude?)  ever since. 

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