Sunday, October 21, 2012

T-minus 10

Although we've been having some fun at Satan's expense the last couple days, I thought we might all need a little churching this Sunday to counteract any bad juju we may have conjured during our Say You Love Satan theme weekend.  Here to remind us that Satan is real (and that he ain't to be messed with) are The Louvin Brothers, with the title song from their classic gospel album Satan is Real.

Don't be fooled by the campy cover of this album (or the provocative title); Satan is Real is a masterpiece that can be enjoyed by people of any or no faith.  The album has been reissued several times since it first debuted in 1959 and songs from it have been covered by artists such as Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, and Emmylou Harris.  In addition, the Louvin Brothers helped popularize close harmony singing in country music and wrote many other songs, both gospel and secular, that are now considered standards, such as "Cash on the Barrelhead" and "If I Could Only Win Your Love."

Here they are at their most plaintive and pious, though, to remind us of all of the danger of our folly.  Take a hint, you sinners!


  1. Very fun! Thanks for sharing that, definately going to check it out!