Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Once again we've made it through 31 days of great Halloween music, without even a murmur of "The Monster Mash" echoing from the dungeon!  So what is 2012's most hallowed Halloween song?

Well, it's not just one song, but two: "Halloween 1 & 2" by The Misfits!  The first is an ode to all things both fiendish and nostalgic about the holiday (the "brown leafed vertigo" line gets me every time), and the second is mostly in Latin and seems to be a sort of incantation for becoming a werewolf. Last year the band's ode to horror hostess great Vampira was featured on this blog, and in my opinion they are the greatest horror rock band ever. 

Today's songs are Halloween itself distilled into a few short minutes.  The bonfires are burning bright, pumpkin faces are in the night... and I don't just remember Halloween, I'm living it right now!

That's it for another great month of fun and scary music!  Hope to scare you again next year, but until then, bad dreams darlings, stay sick, and good night, whatever you are!!!

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