Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Eleventh Hour

Head full of tricks and treats, leading me through the nighttime streets?  There must be something in the air or the water or all that candy corn I've been eating because just like Ryan Adams, I've got a Halloween head. This song comes from his 2007 album Easy Tiger, which is his ninth studio release.

Known as an alt-country/rock guy, first as frontman for the band Whiskeytown and then as a solo act, lately he has been taking a more metal-influenced direction. In 2010 he released a sci-fi metal concept album called Orion. "Halloweenhead" isn't exactly metal, but it's definitely dark and pretty much gets the doleful/rascally spirit of the season dead-on.

*While this video claims it is the "explicit" version of the song, you will most likely be much more offended, and perhaps even nauseated, by the terrible dancing than the language. Keep a bucket handy. 

1 comment:

  1. I didn't watch the video because I didn't feel like puking (and I had no bucket), but I do think Ryan Adams is kind of cute :)