Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hate Potion #9

Okay, so some people might say it's cheating to put a song on this year that was also on last year, but to those people I say... so what! Isn't cheating and lying and general malevolence what Halloween is all about? Besides, this isn't exactly the same version of "Science Fiction, Double Feature" we've all come to know and love over the years as the opening to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Performed on the Craig Ferguson show by Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls, Stephin Merritt from the Magnetic Fields, Moby, and author Neil Gaiman, this concoction of Halloween wonderfulness nearly makes my head explode with delight. Plus, it makes a tasty teaser for this weekend's upcoming theme -- the spooky songs of Stephin Merritt! In this clip, he's the one dressed like a depressed Eskimo and playing the resonator ukelele. Just try not saying the audience participation lines along to the song... I'm afraid that for me those prunes are always going to give Dana Andrews the shits.

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