Tuesday, October 30, 2012

T-minus 1

Only one day until Halloween, and things are getting spookier by the minute!  In today's song we'll hear the tale of a myseriously missing carny and his unforunately present horse Sorrow, courtesy of spook-master Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds.

"The Carny" first appeared on Cave's 1986 album Your Funeral... My Trial, but also gained recognition as one of the songs Cave performed in the 1987 Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire.  That film concerns invisible angels in Berlin who listen in on human thoughts and comfort those in distress, and sometimes desire to become human themselves.  In a sublime chain of influence, both "The Carny" and Wings of Desire inspired animator Marc Craste to make 2004's Jo Jo in the Stars, which is a dazzling 12-minute animated film featured below.

"The Carny" is pretty much a short story itself, and features the usual blend of menacing, gothic weirdness and disparate music styles that we've come to know and love from Nick Cave.  And one must wonder, where did that carny go?  I say it's funny how things go. 

Jo Jo in the Stars:

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