Sunday, October 22, 2017

In the Summerisle wood.

Half-priced wicker,
get it before it's hot!
The last couple posts have featured enough wicker to fill a Pottery Barn, so why not go ahead with a wicker fire sale and include a song from The Wicker Man itself? It is sort of a musical after all, filled with pagan-y British folk songs to emphasize the whole "circle of life by way of ritualistic murder" theme.

Brooke and I on Summerisle,
awaiting the crop-saving sacrifice.
Although the film's songs sound like they've been handed down for hundreds of years, most were composed for the film by Paul Giovanni and performed by a band called Magnet, who formed just to record Wicker Man's score. The instrumental portions of the soundtrack are based on traditional British tunes, however, which adds to the authentic (and authentically creepy) atmosphere of the film. Below is "The Maypole Song," where a few dozen kids sing a rollicking tune about the growth of a tree leading to the birth of a man, and then back to a tree. 

With such happy faces and brightly colored ribbons, surely nothing sinister could be afoot...

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