Monday, October 9, 2017

R.I.P., Cool Ghoul

Last year the world lost one of the most fun and beloved voices in horror hosting, John Zacherle, a.k.a. Zacherley, a.k.a. The Cool Ghoul. He lived to the rotten old age of 98, and will always be remembered for helping cement the pattern that countless horror hosts after him would follow: monstrous persona, silly gags during breaks in the film, and occasionally jumping into the film itself to make a joke. Check out Zacherley's New York Times obituary for more about his long and varied career, such as hosting a teen dance party show with guests like The Doors and The Lovin' Spoonful!

We heard Zacherley's first hit, "Dinner With Drac," the first year of this blog, but he recorded many more Halloween classics as well. Today's song is a true Halloween anthem: "Happy Halloween." Zacherley's rich voice rolls off the directions and guest list to the happeningest Halloween happening in all the land. 

Perhaps one day we will meet at the great Halloween party in the sky, but until then, Zacherley will truly be missed. However, I have a hunch his spirit is still among us, haunting the bejesus out of midnight B-movie screenings everywhere. Whenever you spot a zipper in a monster's rubber suit, Zacherley is there. 

Good night, Zacherley, whatever you are!

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  1. Never got to see him or his show, but I know of him because he transcended that into the horror world st large.