Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Death isn't just around the coroner...

As mentioned in the last post, a few years ago there was an Addams Family musical on Broadway that has since toured nationally and will soon open in England. Sadly it was not well-reviewed, but it was quite popular and did well financially. One interesting aspect is that it was based on the original Charles Addams cartoons rather than the TV series or the movies. With so many adaptations of those iconic characters over the years, it's easy to forget where they came from.

Another bright spot was that the always-wonderful Bebe Neuwirth played Morticia. Other than being an incomparable dancer and singer, as well as a glamorous vamp in her own right, Bebe used to idolized TV's original Moriticia, Carolyn Jones. As a child, Bebe wanted to embody that wry wit and dark beauty. If you think about, wasn't Lilith from Cheers and Frasier basically Morticia in a power suit? Frasier was no Gomez, but Lilith certainly had more than a little Morticia blood flowing through her icy veins.

Today's song is the same Morticia number Jinkx Monsoon has been performing in concert on her recent RuPaul tour. "Just Around the Corner" is a feel-good song Morticia sings to remind herself that no matter how bad things get, there's always a silver lining--sweet, sweet death is always just around the corner. I couldn't find a decent video of Bebe singing it, so here's a shaky one someone in the audience recorded. The version on Spotify is from the cast album, so enjoy crystal clear audio of it on the playlist. At least we can see a little of how Bebe brought Morticia to life/death:

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