Sunday, October 2, 2016

She do voodoo on you!

This spring I was lucky to catch several blaxploitation films at Anthology Film Archives as part of their American International Pictures retrospective. A couple were B-horror gems, like Blacula and the movie today's song is taken from, Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill follows the path Pam Grier paved in Coffy, which was released one year prior in 1973. Both films feature strong young women kicking the asses of powerful people who are taking advantage of them and their loved ones. Only Sugar Hill also has zombies! 

Diana "Sugar" Hill isn't your everyday badass, after all--she's also a voodoo queen with an army of zombified slaves at her disposal. They're more the zombies of tribal legend than the brain-munching rot bags we're used to seeing in horror movies. They'll do whatever their master tells them, which usually means doing away with evil white gangsters.

The theme song to Sugar Hill is by a classic Motown R&B group, The Originals. It's sexy and sultry and more than a little dangerous, just like Sugar herself. Supernatural Voodoo Woman... do her wrong and you won't see the light!

Blood is red, voodoo is blue, sugar is sweet, revenge is sweeter... Meet Sugar Hill!

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