Saturday, October 8, 2016

You're my Dracula-la-la-la-la!

Last night I was part of an intimate audience for one of my favorite people on the planet, the (drag) Queen of Halloween, Sharon Needles! Sharon's appearance on this blog has become a yearly ritual, and since she released her sophomore album Taximdermy last Halloween, obviously it's time to include a song from it.

"Dracula" was the first single from Taxidermy. In the video, Sharon spans the entire spectrum of Draculas, from Nosferatu to Bela Lugosi to a Lost Boy to Count Chocula. The song rocks as hard as the video, and even when she sang it last night as a cabaret piece, she showed she could still hold her own with just piano accompaniment. Her pianist used to play for Joan Rivers, and Sharon was performing on the hallowed stage where Joan used to do her standup, so surely the spirits were smiling up from below!

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