Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey baby, I'll be your Carol Anne.

Since last year's post about drag superstar Sharon Needles, not only has she released more sickening videos, but this spring I was able to see her perform LIVE as part of RuPaul's Drag Race Battle of the Seasons tour! The whole night was special, but Sharon Needles' performances were truly awe-inspiring, almost to the point of making me weep. No exaggeration--it's really something when someone just gets everything you're about, you know?

Sharon started with a performance of today's song, "Call Me on the Ouija Board," and then came back out a little later for an AMAZING rendition of "Sweet Transvestite"(!!!). As someone who was saved from high school hell by joining my local Rocky Horror cast, you can imagine this is about when the waterworks threatened to burst forth. Sharon closed the show in a Grand High Witch costume and sang "Every Day is Halloween," her somber song of resistance to those who might tell her to go back to Party City rather than dominate with her fearceness. She ended with a big thank-you speech to her fans for putting the drag queen superstar crown on her head and led us in a "Hail Satan!" chant, like the fear-full leader she is. 

I hope I'll be able to see her perform a full concert one day, but until then, let's enjoy this otherwordly love song with Sharon dressed as a good number of your favorite horror movie characters. Come on, let's dabble in the black arts!

Bonus! Here's Sharon Needles performing "Sweet Transvestite" with The Flaming Queens:

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