Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All our tentacles entwined.

Lady Gort
If your idea of romance is hanging out on an asteroid and watching B-movies with your partner by virtue of his/her/its ever-multiplying antennas (and really, whose isn't), then perhaps you should call in and request today's song as a dedication for your special someone/something. "Doris Daytheearthstoodstill" by the Future Bible Heroes is a tender love song that pretty much sounds like its title--a mix of the wholesome fun of Doris Day and the world-weary wisdom of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Unlike the classic movie, however, this time the humanoids are keeping their distance from the advertisement-glutted Earth. Instead of coming down to warn earthlings of their destructive ways, as Gort unsuccessfully did in the 1951 movie, Doris and her partner are kicking back and enjoying Earth's late night movie offerings (but probably muting the commercials). Guess it's a sad state of affairs when even the aliens have given up on us, but what can you do. Que sera, sera.

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