Thursday, October 23, 2014

At the late night double feature picture show.

After six years of living in Knoxville, the Tennessee Theater's annual showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is finally falling on a weekend when I am not out of town, so today's song is going to celebrate it! I am super-excited to see Rocky Horror this Saturday in such a magnificent movie palace, which will also include a shadow cast performance and a dude in drag playing the organ--sounds dirty, hope it is.

As mentioned in previous years, the influence of this film on me is difficult to quantify--it gave me a world outside the high school and small town I hated, and also jump started my film education. Once I became obsessed with Rocky Horror as a teenager, I began searching out all the old B-films mentioned in its theme song, and fell in lifelong love with horror. I know the movie has done the same for lots of other folks, and some ambitious fans are in the process of documenting the phenomenon in their Rocky Horror Saved My Life film.

Today's song is once again the show's theme, "Science Fiction, Double Feature"--yeah, I know I've used it twice already, but this time is different! This time it's by Joan Jett! I was lucky enough to see Joan play Columbia and the Usherette during the 2000 Broadway revival of the musical, which also featured Lea DeLaria(!) as Dr. Scott and Eddie, and Dick Cavett(!!) as the Criminologist. Needless to say, it was a magical night.

Joan Jett was rocking a shaved head back then and instead of doing the traditional Columbia tap dance, she did a bitchin' guitar solo. Unfortunately, she didn't perform on the cast album, but she did record "Science Fiction, Double Feature" on her 2004 album Naked. Naturally, she rocks it out and makes it her own. And for the complete listening experience, she also includes the song's wistful reprise that plays over the movie's credits. Now you just need to go out and see all the rest that happens in between those two bookends--you can bet that's what I'll be doing this Saturday!

2000 was way before the days when everyone had a decent-quality video camera in their pocket, but here is a shaky, blown-out video of "The Time Warp" being performed by the 2000 Broadway cast. Show us how it's done, Dick!

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