Thursday, October 2, 2014

Evil prevails. (duh)

Papa don't preach, but today's song has such a dirty swagger that I think it may have aurally knocked me up with devil babies. Rosemary, honey. I feel ya. 

The brothers Calabrese have been playing horror punk together since 2002 and tonight they will be playing it right here in my town, along with Knoxville's own horror punks, La Basura Del Diablo! The three Calabrese lads grew up obsessing over horror and monsters (who didn't?), and in high school began playing separately in various rock bands. When the eldest graduated from college, the brothers coalesced as a band and have released six albums since. Today's song, "There Is An Evil Inside," comes from their most recent album, Born With A Scorpion's Touch. It almost out-Danzigs Glenn Danzig himself in the Evil Elvis sneer department.  

Evil prevails on the night you left your home, and that'll certainly be true tonight in Knoxville. Go see 'em while you can!


  1. This is good stuff! I've never heard of these guys before. Thanks for the introduction.

    1. I just heard them for the first time this year, they're great!