Monday, October 20, 2014

Raven hair and red lips, subtle wicked smile...

Go ahead and get excited now because the hardest working ghoul in showbiz (during October, anyway) is at it again for your Halloween viewing pleasure! That's right, your mistress and mine, Elvira, is back in the saddle--er, on the couch--and hosting horror movies for the 13 nights leading up to Halloween. 

Except for Night of the Living Dead, which premieres Halloween night, these are all movies she has never hosted before, like Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, Puppet Master, and Evil Bong. A new one will be streaming on Hulu each day, which seems like the perfect outlet for Elvira. Since there are no standards and practices for streaming content as there are for broadcast TV shows, Elvira can be as bad as she wants to be. And honey, you know she wants to be bad.

To celebrate brand new Elvira shows, today's song is an homage to her and her horror hosting legacy. "Mistress of the Dark" is a theme song written especially for Elvira in 2009 by Texas gothabilly band Ghoultown. They met when Elvira was signing autographs at the same Texas horror convention where the band was performing. Elvira's manager happened to see the performance and told her Ghoultown would be perfect for composing her new theme. After she checked them out, both she and the band (all Elvira fans, naturally) agreed.

Other than mirroring her punk/goth/B-movie aesthetic, Elvira was excited that Ghoultown's sound wasn't death metal because in her experience, most Halloween music seems to be death metal. Instead, Ghoultown plays a dark brand of western Americana, sort of like undead outlaw country. But all of this really begs the question: why isn't Elvira reading my blog?!? Not that there's anything wrong with death metal, mind you, but there's quite a low quotient of it here. I mean, c'mon, Elvira, give a ghoul some credit.
Gris Grimly DVD art

The video for the song is just as spectacular as the song itself--it was filmed at L.A.'s legendary Magic Castle, directed by acclaimed horror artist Gris Grimly, and features both Elvira and her Macabre Mobile! The plot involves the band invading Elvira's humble dungeon through a magical portal in her TV. In the end, Elvira turns the tables on the lead singer by pulling off her own reverse magic and riding off with him into the sunset.

I wonder if I stare at the computer screen hard enough over the next few days while watching Huluween: 13 Nights of Elvira, the same fate might befall me? If so, please don't mourn or come looking for me. I'll be in a much better place.

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