Sunday, October 12, 2014

Are demons really a species?

You know you've made it when The Log Lady agrees to be in your video--and not just in it, but in costume, with her log, and providing one of her trademark cryptic intros of unanswerable questions. 

Lydia Night and Marhly Murphy of Pretty Little Demons are shockingly young to already have that kind of clout (13 and 11 respectively), but even at such young ages, they're seasoned pros. Both had been playing music for several years by the time they joined forces at a rock camp in 2012, and have since become the youngest band ever to be invited to perform at Austin's South by Southwest festival.

The video for "Unknown Species" was directed by Lydia's father, Morgan Higby Night, who has directed videos for several other artists, like Joan Jett and The Asylum Street Spankers. Since Twin Peaks is one of his and his daughter's favorite shows, he not only recruited Catherine E. Coulson to reprise her role as The Log Lady at the beginning of the video, but also recreated The Black Lodge in his garage, where the girls perform the song. Do they just sell that Black Lodge floor pattern at Home Depot or something? If so, I've got some home decorating ideas I really want to get started on...

The plot of the video involves a scientist (played by The Kills singer Alison Mosshart) who peers into her microscope to discover the pretty little demons in question. The girls are an interesting specimen--they move in reverse, jump-switch wardrobes from frilly dresses to skeleton suits, and return a white powdery substance that the scientist sprinkles on them by throwing it back in her face. 

In true Lynchian style, everything in the lab isn't all as it first appears. Exactly which species here is the unknown one?

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