Friday, October 3, 2014

Dudes with boobs growing in tubes!

The future as designed by Neko Case and Kelly Hogan? Yes, please. Beam me up! 

"These Aren't the Droids" comes from the new comedy theme album 2776: A Millenium of American Asskickery, on which folks like Margaret Cho, Yo La Tengo, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and Nina Totenberg(!) try to prove that America is great so an alien won't destroy it. As Neko Case and Kelly Hogan so astutely point out, though, America's future ain't gonna be quite so asskickin' if we continue to let teenage boys imagineer it for us. Three-boobed aliens on stripper poles? Shiny sexbots with only holes? Boooooring. It's way past time for a revolution to your hairless post-apocalyptic constitution!

Neko and Kelly don't just point out the problem in their melodious diatribe, however. They offer a plan for action: 
  • No war, just Greco-Roman wrestling!
  • No waxing, no shaving, everybody'd have more hair!
  • A fundamental appreciation of literacy, but less shades of gray!
  • Girl power would be an actual fuel source with zero carbon footprint!
  • Baskets of kittens everywhere!
And so much more. Won't you leave those space silver moon boots behind and step into the future?

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