Wednesday, October 29, 2014

There's no nicer witch than you.

If it hasn't become obvious in four years of doing this blog, I will just say that it's really great to be having such a fabulous childhood as an adult. Witness: if I was still a kid, could I fly across the country and see Danny Elfman perform songs he wrote for all my favorite Tim Burton movies, along with a full orchestra? I feel sure my mom would've said no. Good thing I had the foresight back then to make an unholy trade of eternal childhood in place of maturity. Think of all the amazing things I would've missed! Horrifying.

Today's song is from Tim Burton's most recent film (which Elfman scored), 2012's magnificent return to form Frankenweenie. Frank Sinatra made the song famous, but here "Witchcraft" is performed by everyone's favorite mop-topped sad sack, Robert Smith from The Cure. He got left out of last year's classic goth weekend (since most of his songs are scary in an emotional way rather than in a horror way), so it seems appropriate to get him in here.

Frankenweenie marked a positive turn away from Tim Burton's string of day-glo remakes, and hopefully points toward the future of his films. This Christmas, he'll release a biopic called Big Eyes about the strange creators of the even stranger Keane paintings, and after that he'll be working on a film adaptation of Ransom Riggs' wonderful novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I know Danny Elfman has scored Big Eyes, and hopefully he'll be on board for Miss Peregrine, too. Perhaps there will soon be a new Burton/Elfman golden age! Until then, let's all enoy Robert Smith doing "Witchcraft" his way.

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