Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Welcome to the Museum of Natural Horrors!

Keep walking, keep walking, keep walking...ah! Here we are. At the Vincent Price/Alice Cooper exhibit. Surprised that "Thriller" wasn't Price's first foray into pop music recitations? I'm afraid you have much to learn, young spider.

Alice Cooper's first solo album, 1975's Welcome to My Nightmare, is a concept album that chronicles a journey through a little boy's nightmares. The title song was profiled here a few years ago, and while its video features adorable Muppet monsters, today's video stars that adorable master of the macabre, Vincent Price. The footage comes from a TV show called Alice Cooper: The Nightmare, which was made to accompany the album. Alice Cooper plays Steven, the little boy whose nightmares we are viewing, and Vincent Price is the "Spirit of the Nightmare," little Steven's guide through this underworld of no escape.

"Black Widow" begins with Price's demented diatribe on a world takeover by black widow spiders, and Cooper's song basically reinforces that plan. The scariest thing about the video might be Vincent Price's shirt, though--check out all those silky ruffles! Surely that fashion choice would be deadly on someone less sinister.

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