Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back to the grind(house)!

"Zombie Dance" by Aaron Fernandez
My coffin lid just flew open, so that can mean only one thing--all of the sickeningly rotten, frighteningly unholy, and thrillingly sleazy songs that I've kept ripening in the dirt all year are ready to be released! As anyone who has read this blog in past years will know, the ceremony always begins with a Cramps song, and this year is no different.

"Zombie Dance" comes from the band's classic first album, Songs the Lord Taught Us, and tells the tale of a pre-Thriller zombie shindig, where Ben and Betty can tap their toes all night long and never get sweaty. Do they give a damn, though? Hell no, they're done dead already! Get ready to do the swim face down, kiddies, cuz this ain't your momma's monster mash...


  1. Love this album, in particular listening to it on vinyl. I even have a digital rip of the vinyl for the dust and pops ambiance...

  2. Ooh! Love this! Like Shawn, I only have it on vinyl, but to my shame, I don't currently own a turntable. Thanks!