Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Put a (dead) bird on it.

Straight outta Portland comes a terrifying tale of carnage and woe--what if the zombie apocalypse comes and instead of lusting after our brains, the undead want something much more precious? What if they want our beer?!? 

That's the horrific tale Red Fang spins in their video for "Blood Like Cream." Since the band is from Portland, they snagged Portlandia's Fred Armisen to bear the bad news about the zombie boozer uprising. Once the band is convinced of the gravity of the situation, they take up their guitars to shred against the onslaught. 

"Blood Like Cream" comes from Red Fang's most recent album, Whales and Leeches, and follows the same formula they've used for previous song/video combinations: sludge-heavy riffs combined with a hilarious story line. That's not to say the story lines always have a whole lot to do with the songs' lyrics, but if they're this funny and well-made, who cares? Just stockpile some PBR and settle in for repeat viewings.

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