Monday, October 3, 2016

Voodoo Child, Slight Return

What if Sugar Hill from yesterday's post started her own modern day rock 'n soul band? They would probably sound a lot like the group featured today, The Seratones. And not only would they sound like The Seratones, they would probably look a whole lot like them in the video for today's song, "Necromancer." Big sexy afro on the lady lead singer? Check. Swampy southern setting? Check. Zombie groupies? Triple check! 

The Seratones formed in Louisiana in 2013, but sound like they could've come straight out of Motown's funky heyday. They just released their first major album this spring on Fat Possum Records, called Get Gone. Last year they got a lot of attention for the single "Necromancer," which could liven up even the deadest of graveyards. No wonder the dead rise up in this video just to get on down again! Enough of boogie men, let's bring on the boogie woman.


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