Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wield the Square Hammer! It is your destiny!

In a few weeks I will get to see a band I've wanted to see live for  a few years--Ghost! We heard a song from them here a few years ago, but since then they've released another full-length album, Meliora, and a brand-new EP called Popestar, just out last month. Today's song, "Square Hammer," is from the EP, and in my opinion is one of their best yet! Not only is it insanely catchy and rocking, but the video is a masterpiece. It weaves many of Ghost's loves (and mine) together into a beautiful tapestry: art deco horror art, a vintage movie palace, real film projection, lightning made of negative scratches, bats flying out of a movie screen... all of this backed a kickass song that will have you swearing to the devil before you know it! I know I'm ready for the altar call when I go see them in November. Until then, let's all feel the power of the square hammer, the test of blood and spirit...


  1. Awesome, you like Ghost too! Square Hammer might be the last original single released with Papa Emeritus III singing. Next album due fall 2017 and with a new album that usually means a new leader... a new papa. Makes me sad but... at least you'll get to see them!

    1. True, although there are rumors that all the Papas are actually the same guy. Who knows, but I'll be happy to see them regardless!