Sunday, October 30, 2016

Shake it like an Egyptian!

The most wonderful time of the year just keeps getting more wonderfuller! Last night I fulfilled a bucket list item by seeing one of my all-time favorite bands, the B-52s, play their Halloween Scream show. Naturally, it was a scream! The B-52s still rock the house down almost 40 years into their existence. They played plenty of classics and some of my particular faves--finally got to hear Fred Schneider say "Going to the store for hot dogs and wine" in person when they played "Is That You Modean?"! Also decided my next pet is going to be named Modean. 

Although Fred, Kate, and Cindy were the spectacular main event last night, I was also excited to be introduced to their excellent opening band, Mother Feather! They are a local NYC group who recently released their first full-length album on Metal Blade. Imagine if Siouxsie Sioux started a metal band and hired Gozer to play keyboards, and maybe added a dash of Peaches. Aural ecstasy! They also look pretty fine too, as you can see in the video for today's song, "Egyptology." Why bother walking like an Egyptian when you can shake it like one?

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