Sunday, October 2, 2016

My sweet 6(66)!

by Noelle Criminova
Welcome to October, ghoulfriends! This is year 6 of this blog, and I'm still happy to serve the big red man downstairs by doling out the spookiest songs I can find for the next 30 days. We Old Ones love our rituals (especially if they're evil), so as with previous years, we'll start off with a song from the original inspiration for this blog--The Cramps. 

Do you have a mixed-up woman in your house? Does she have cobras in her hair? A cobweb stare? Like Sheena in today's song, there's a good chance she's in the forbidden vampire underground, a.k.a. a goth gang. We all know Sheena started as a punk rocker, but now she's all black lips and black nails. I dig her deeply!

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