Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sing along with the Munsters!

All that talk last week about the Addams Family got me missing The Munsters something fierce! While I love both families, The Munsters hold an extra-soft spot in my heart. It's been a while since we visited with them, and although we've heard their theme song before, we haven't yet heard it with lyrics!

Nothing can really improve on the original surfy instrumental theme song, which is so good it was nominated for a Grammy in 1965 and remains iconic today. Still, it's fun to hear the words one of the show's producers came up with to describe the Munsters. The version with lyrics was never used on the show, but was included on a 1964 album called At Home With The Munsters. It includes such neighborly numbers as "Everyone Is Welcome," "Meet Our Pets," and "I Wish Everyone Was Born This Way." So if you hear mysterious feet at night and find the Munsters are following you, don't scream and run away! Just turn around, shake their clammy hands, and accept their invitation for a hot drink from the cauldron.

And what goes better with some classic Munsters than a nice bowl of cereal? This weekend I went to the Halloween edition of "Spoons, Toons, & Booze" at a local movie theater, where they show beloved cartoons on the big screen, have an open cereal bar, and serve cereal-infused cocktails. I was enjoying my Halloween Cap'n Crunch (it turns your milk green!) just fine through Halloween episodes of Beetlejuice, DuckTales, and Pinky and the Brain until a disturbing majority of the audience voted to watch Rugrats as the last selection of the day. Talk about frightening! We had the opportunity to watch some little-seen gems, like Count Duckula, The Real Ghostbusters, or Groovie Goolies, and they picked that dirty diaper full of baby talk. Barf! To make it all better, let's enjoy some Cheerios with Herman Munster. After all, they're the greatest things since bat wings!

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