Friday, October 28, 2016

Who's going to build my death ray?

While off traveling the country on my custom Sanderson Sister vacuum cleaner over the past week, I left the blog in the care of my so-called trusty henchmen. And what did they do while I was gone? Not a damn thing! It's so hard to find good toadies these days. Next time I'll just snatch a few toads and make my own.

Only a couple days left before the big day, and so much spooky music still to cover! So why not start up where we left off? This song is another from Mono Puff, whom we heard a little from last week. While "Pretty Fly" was an acapella number sung by the lead singer's wife, "Poison Flowers" is by the usual Mono Puff lineup with John Flansberg on vocals. It's the lament of a man who worries over who will continue his nefarious deeds when he is back in school, like typing his manifesto and growing poison flowers. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with minion trouble! You better listen closely to this one, Igor... your job is on the line.

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