Thursday, October 10, 2013

Everything is gettin kinda groovy.

Today's song might be a bit of a cheat because it's already played a little too often around this time of year, but then again, this isn't the version most often played. While most oldies station favor "Spooky" as sung by The Classics IV, this one is by the sultriest of the blue-eyed (with a healthy dose of black eyeliner) soul singers, Dusty Springfield!

Dusty was already a major recording star by the time her version of "Spooky" was released in 1970, just a year after her seminal album Dusty in Memphis was released. Her credibility as a soul singer was increasing during this time, and although her record sales had begun to decline, she was still largely responsible for bringing the Motown sound to her native UK. And her look is almost as iconic as her breathy, sensuous voice--bleached blonde bouffant, evening gowns, and Cleopatra eyes. Spookilicious!

Here she is in a PVC box(?!):

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