Saturday, October 12, 2013

Robots on parade!

While They Might Be Gaints' clever and playful tunes were always fairly well-suited for children (and those of us choosing to continue our childhoods as adults), the band released their first album geared specifically toward children in 2002. The album is called No! (yes!), and contains many valuable lessons for kids in songs such as "Fibber Island," "I Am Not Your Broom," and today's song, "Robot Parade."

Now we all love cute and cuddly robots like Robby and Wall-E, but should we really trust these soulless creatures borne of man's hubris? Today's song proves we should not. They just want to take over, just as I've always suspected! And it's not just the robots--children are in on it, too. So parents, if your little one asks for a robotics kit this Christmas, you might want to lock them in the thinking closet until they learn better than to try to take over the world with a robot army.

And the adult version!

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