Tuesday, October 8, 2013


How many songs about Vampira does this world need? Trick question! The answer, of course, is an infinite number. While The Misfits' song about her might be more well-known (profiled on this blog here), Bobby Bare sang about the scream queen around the time Glenn Danzig was completing potty training.

The song was first released in 1958, near the beginning of Bare's career, as a 45 on the short-lived Jackpot label out of Hollywood. Although he went on to make many somber and serious hits, he is no stranger to songs of the strange and humorous, as we heard in last year's "Marie Laveau." Seems he has quite a thing for ladies of the dark, and who can blame him? Oh Vampira, what you do to me.


  1. I like it. Sort of like a country take on a Halloween song

    1. Yes, much more rockabilly than his later stuff!