Sunday, October 20, 2013

The eyes have it.

The movie today's song comes from had every reason to be great--it claimed to be a Rocky Horror-meets-Bladerunner rock opera, and features both Joan Jett and Sarah Brightman--but it doesn't live up to its influences, or to the talent of its guest stars. The premise of Repo! The Genetic Opera involves a worldwide epidemic of organ failures and the brutal company that repossesses organs from clients who have failed to pay for their transplants. Excellent material for a musical, right? Maybe not so much.

I fast-forwarded through much of the film, but the scenes with Joan Jett and Sarah Brightman are still worth seeking out. Joan only has one minor scene, but Sarah is a main character named Blind Mag, who is GeneCo's celebrity spokesperson/opera singer. She is permanently indebted to the company for her surgically enhanced eyes. In this, her final scene, she of course sings the bejeebus out of her song as only Sarah Brightman can, and outdoes her Phantom of the Opera goth opera cred as she sticks it to GeneCo in a spectacularly gut-churning way. 

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