Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The damned are back, seeking beatbox revival!

Are there words to describe the bizarre wonderfulness that is Leslie and the Lys? If there are, I don't think I know them. The band is the brainchild of Leslie Hall, a native of Ames, Iowa, who describes her appeal better than anyone else ever could: "[When I go out,] I wanna see a 200-plus pound lady in solid gold, with dance moves like a firecracker exploding in a bucket of ranch dressing, making songs about being the coolest person in Ames, Iowa. It's my destiny, I'm gonna do this till peeps stop showing."

Peeps are definitely still showing--she's released five albums since her debut Gold Pants in 2005, which contained the song that has become her signature, "Gem Sweater." The song and video led fans to begin donating their own gem sweaters to Leslie, who is now preserving them for posterity in her very own Gem Sweater Museum, which she often tours with. 

Today's song comes from the album Cewebrity, and as Vincent Price famously narrated Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Elvira provides narration for Leslie and the Ly's "Zombie Killer"! This video is almost more awesomeness than I can handle--makes me wanna put on a gold jumpsuit and go shoot some zombies in the brains.

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