Friday, October 11, 2013

Quick, behind you!

Since They Might Be Giants are woefully underrepresented on this blog and are also playing a show in Knoxville this coming week, this weekend we're going to feature nothing but TMBG (and TMBG-related) tunes!

The two Johns have been together as They Might Be Giants since 1982 and in that time they have used their bizarre humor and avant-garde sensibility to embrace a wide range of topics and musical styles. Who else could make classic hits out of Istanbul not being Constantinople and blue canaries in the outlet by the light switch wanting to be your friend? In addition to their dozen+ albums of alt-rock, they have also released multiple children's records and recorded several TV theme songs (The Daily Show and Malcolm in the Middle, most notably)

Almost all of TMBG's songs contain elements of the strange, and some are eerie enough to be Halloween-worthy, such as today's selection, "Where Your Eyes Don't Go," from their 1988 album Lincoln. In this song, all of your worst nightmares come true--you know that bad thing you always thought was lurking just past your range vision? It's totally there.


In 2002, John and John created a commercial for the excellent (and spooky) cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog, and here it is! 


  1. Fun song. For some reason I was expecting something dark, but this was fun.

    1. They are very good at turning dark subjects into poppy sing-alongs.