Thursday, October 17, 2013

Juvenile delinquent... from beyond the grave!

Today's song is a terrifying story of today's "beat" generation, starring The Raveonettes! It comes from the Danish duo's 2002 EP, Whip It On, which introduced the world to their noisy but melodic, garage-y but cinematic style. Imagine if Marlon Brando's character from The Wild One fronted The Jesus and Mary Chain, and you'd have something close to The Raveonettes. 

The video for this song plays out like a classic juvenile delinquent film (a la The Wild One), but this one has a twist. Although our motorcycle-riding hero gets sentenced to the chair, he becomes the ultimate rebel and returns from the dead to ride again. Not to mention to romance his girl. He's hell on wheels and she's fired up for any thrill!

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