Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weird science!

Today's song is a reprise of last weekend's theme featuring They Might Be Giants. I'm going to see them in concert tonight, and besides that, we've only barely scratched the surface of their Halloween-worthy songs! 

"Edison Museum" is about the home and laboratory (haunted, according to the song) of Thomas Edison in West Orange, New Jersey, where he lived and worked from 1886 until his death in 1931. It was here that he developed the phonograph, storage battery, and motion picture camera. 

Contrary to what the song says, the complex is open to the public a few days a week, but is undeniably creepy, and made all the more so by the ancient scientific implements that fill it. Just by looking at it, one can imagine ghostly voices and spectral figures leaping from their wax cylinders and film frames to roam its halls. So when your children quarrel and nothing seems to quell them, just tell them that you'll take them to the Edison Museum!

Bonus! A version of the same song recorded at the Edison Museum on a wax cylinder!

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