Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Glamour is my only weapon.

Hot child, hot rod, hot blood, hot dog! Somehow in three years of doing this blog, I have failed to include one of the bands I consider part of the unholy rock-n-roll triumvirate, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (along with The Misfits and The Cramps). But that sorry state of affairs changes today! 

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (TKK) was originally conceived in 1987 as an art film in the style of Russ Myer and John Waters by the two founding members, Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy. The film was never completed, but the music they recorded for the soundtrack was picked up by the Wax Trax! label and released as an EP. TKK helped develop the industrial music scene of which they were a part, but their music has gone far beyond that genre in the ten albums they've released since that first EP. They regularly incorporate elements of disco, funk, and heavy metal, and layer their songs with samples from B-movies and lyrics reflecting horror and sleaze.

TKK hits a high point of B-movie worship in today's song, taken from 1995's Hit and Run Holiday album. The song "Mission: Stardust" is based on a notoriously bad Italian sci-fi movie of the same name from 1967. The movie concerns a group of astronauts sent on a secret mission to the moon based on a discovery of a previously unknown precious metal. There they discover a disabled spaceship manned by two members of an advanced alien race, one of which is a bitchy but beautiful platinum blonde in a skintight spacesuit named Thora. TKK's song seems to be Thora's theme--she's a vicious vixen who wants more than cheap kisses in your little dirty movies!

Bonus! Groove on this sexplosion of psychedelic inanity!

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