Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hot metal and methadrine.

Who's got two thumbs and is using them to paint her nails black tonight and put on cat eye make-up? This girl! Yes, it's back to the old good ol' goth days for me this weekend, so it's fitting that today's song was written for one of the founding ladies of goth, bassist Patricia Morrison.

Morrison was in several punk and goth bands in the 70s and 80s, and joined The Sisters of Mercy in the mid-80s. The band's singer and songwriter, Andrew Eldritch, said he thought of her as a Lucrezia Borgia-type person, so he wrote "Lucretia, My Reflection" with her in mind. The song concerns a society's downfall and contains a repeated entreaty from Eldritch for Lucretia to dance the ghost with him. 

The Sisters of Mercy formed in the late 70s and were part of the first wave of goth. Although none of the original members remain besides Eldritch, he continues to tour under The Sisters of Mercy name. They were always a bit more rock-n-roll than many other early goth bands, and "Lucretia, My Reflection," with its dystopian lyrics and mechanical beat, became a big influence on industrial music that followed. Patricia Morrison wanders through an urban wasteland in the song's video. With its grinding machinery and her Victorian goth style, it's almost a steampunk how-to.

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