Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015? You mean we're in the future?

It's Back to the Future Day! Right about now, Doc and Marty McFly should be arriving in Hill Valley, California. Let's hope their DeLorean has held up better than almost every other DeLorean ever made. Doc wasn't kidding when he said a '46 Ford could rip through one like tinfoil.

Since this blog is about bringing attention to songs that don't tend to get a lot of airplay (and since I really don't like Huey Lewis's music very much), I'll refrain from posting something directly from the Back to the Future soundtrack. Instead, here is a song about time travel by Frank Turner, a British folk-punk singer, that namechecks the DeLorean (and Donnie Darko). It's from his 2013 album Tape Deck Heart, and tells of building a time machine to go back and see how things really used to be, both in history and in a troubled relationship. That's romantical and all, but if I had a time machine, I'd probably just go check out dinosaurs all day and maybe set a few events in motion that would make me become humanity's benevolent overlord.

Welcome to the future, everybody!

Ok, fine, Huey Lewis isn't the only person on the Back to the Future soundtrack. Lindsay Buckingham is there, too, and I love him, so here's "Time Bomb Town."

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