Thursday, October 15, 2015

¡Vivo Duraznos Sábado!

Last October I was lucky enough to catch one of the most amazing performances I'll probably ever see, which occurred during the Halloween installment of L.A.'s Mexican wrestling/burlesque extravaganza Lucha VaVOOM. For the halftime show, genre/gender-bending singer Peaches fronted the all-female Black Sabbath cover band Black Sabbitch for eight glorious minutes of "War Pigs"!

Peaches came out in a glittery bat costume with eyeballs on her boobs and a screaming mouth on her crotch, and went full-on Ozzy by biting the head off a (rubber) bat and spitting blood. Black Sabbitch played faithfully and flawlessly, bringing me the closest I'll probably ever come to feeling like I saw Black Sabbath in their heyday. And if that was the halftime show, you can just imagine how amazing the rest of the evening was! We were treated to fearless and filthy acts by luchadores like Dirty Sanchez, and to sexpot burlesque dancers selling the "Night of the Vampire" theme. If you have the chance to see Lucha VaVOOM, Black Sabbitch, Peaches, or any combination of the three, DO IT!!!

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