Monday, October 26, 2015

I think I'm a banana tree.

I'm seriously behind on posts, but for good reason. I spent the weekend at the seventh annual Knoxville Horror Film Festival watching some of the best new horror features and shorts. If you haven't been to this festival, you should definitely check it out next October, as well as their monthly events throughout the year. After all, horror movies are always more fun to watch with an audience, so why lurk in solitude behind your computer or TV when you could see a movie on a big screen and scream along with your fellow film fans?

As a result of my recent traveling schedule and eyeball-scorching levels of movie marathoning, I've reached an exciting new level of exhaustion that is loosening the last screws left in my noggin. I could definitely get on board with Queen's fashion choices in the video for "I'm Going Slightly Mad." Tea kettle hat? Giant penguin beak? YES. And really, wearing a banana bunch on your head just makes sense when you think about it. How many times have you wanted a banana, yet found no bananas in your immediate vicinity? If you were simply wearing several on your head, you'd have plenty for yourself and to share with others. A banana hat begs the question--are you going slightly mad, or slightly GENIUS???

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