Thursday, October 22, 2015

The werewolf might be someone you've known of late.

If I was not traveling, I would probably be going to the Werewolfathon at the Loew's Jersey Theatre tomorrow night to see a triple feature of Werewolf of London, The Wolf Man, and An American Werewolf in London. Since I am several hundred miles away from there, though, today's song will have to serve as a subtitution for that celebration of all things hairy and howling.

We've gone lycanthropic in previous years with werewolf songs from The Cramps and TV on the Radio, but today's song is like an atmospheric Universal classic to those two jaws-on-your-jugular anthems. Lo-fi chanteuse Cat Power shows us both sides of being in a relationship with a werewolf--he's a sensitive soul, but damn is he difficult to love! Especially with all those full moon shenanigans. "Werewolf" is an interpretation of folk singer Michael Hurley's 1964 original composition, and both are featured below for your own Werewolf Songathon. Raaawr!

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