Friday, October 16, 2015

Hail Seitan!

Do you agonize over how to eat healthily and ethically, yet still please the dark lords? The Vegan Black Metal Chef is here to help! He's been making videos since 2011 that demonstrate how to cook delicious animal-free dishes with hellfire, but the exciting news this year is that in December the VBMC will release his first cookbook, The Seitanic Spellbook. 

Over the summer, the VBMC's legions of followers nearly doubled his Kickstarter campaign goal, so the book is well on its way to spreading its unholy vegan message to the masses. According to the book's campaign page, it "will be an ultra visual, multimedia cookbook to teach amazing vegan cooking with a fist full of metal." There will be a video to accompany every recipe, and since the VBMC is an actual black metal musician (in the band Forever Dawn), the audio portion is always just as kickass as the recipes. 

The videos are hilariously over-the-top in their metal stylings, but the VBMC's intentions are wholly serious. His website states that his project has two main purposes: to both answer the question "What do vegans eat?"/show how to cook it, and to help people bring consciousness to their lives and actions. He elaborates more on these ideas on his website, and as a 23-year vegetarian myself, I can say with authority that he has some of the most accessible and well-thought-out reasoning for a plant-based diet that I've ever read. He also has some of the tastiest, easiest, and most entertaining recipes I've ever seen. Check out his classic "Hail Seitan" from the VBMC's first year of video production: 

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